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Druidic Birth Signs & Celtic Tree Prints at Totally Irish Gifts

We are delighted to now be stocking Druidic Birth Sign & Celtic Tree Prints, wonderful Birthday Gifts made in Ireland. These birthday gift ideas of ancient Druidic Birth Signs & Celtic Trees are quality printed from original artwork by Dublin artist, Maura O’Rourke and each comes with it’s own interesting detail.  The prints measure 25 […]

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'Grá' = 'Love'

Ogham Gifts at Totally Irish Gifts

We are thrilled to have new Ogham Gifts now in stock at Totally Irish Gifts, three beautiful wall hangings can be purchased individually or as a gift set, handcrafted in Ireland from a mix of bronze and limestone, highlighted with gold leaf script. Ogham (Oh-ehm) is the earliest version of an ancient Celtic language, used c.4th -7th century […]

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Irish Wedding Tradition – Handfasting

We have all heard of ‘tying the knot’, but where does the phrase come from? ‘Tying the knot’ comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting.  When Ireland was ruled under Brehon law (7th to 17th century) handfasting was the official ceremony of marriage, during which the couple’s hands were bound together, hence ‘tying the […]

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1916 Martyrs

Following the surrender of the Easter Rising, the  Rebel leaders were tried, court-martialed and executed by firing squad in the former stonebreakers yard at Kilmainham Prison, Dublin, from May 3rd to May 12th 1916, with Roger Casement being court-martialed and hanged in the U.K. on 3rd August 1916. General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell, general officer commanding-in-chief of the […]

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Irish proclamation reading

About the 1916 Irish Proclamation

The Irish Proclamation 1916 The Irish Proclamation was mainly written by Padraig Pearse, who read it out under the portico of the GPO just before noon on Easter Monday 1916, the Proclamation declared Ireland as a sovereign independent Republic.  Copies of the proclamation were then pasted on buildings around Dublin city centre. 1000 copies of the […]

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Connemara Marble at Totally Irish Gifts

The area of Connemara is the very edge of Europe on the west coast of Ireland.  The region of Connemara spans from the majestic Twelve Bens mountains, to the lakes of pre-historic bogs and bounded on the west, south and north by the Atlantic Ocean, taking in part of the amazing Wild Atlantic Way. This […]

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Luck Child Pendant

The story of the Luck Child

This Luck Child Pendant, handcrafted in Ireland, was inspired by the story of the Luck Child from Irish Folklore.  I had never heard this particular tale before and after some research I have summarised the story below.  It is a happy story of love and caring, which gives a very special meaning to this pendant.  […]

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